All You Need to Know About Police Officer Training


Law enforcement careers are exciting and rewarding. There are countless reasons why you should be a police officer. Before you make that leap and get into the career for fighting crime, there are things that you ought to know before you become a police officer. First, the hiring process is long as it goes on from 4-12 months before you are actually recruited. It is worth noting that the background checks are thorough and if you have something to hide, you would rather share with the recruiter. Some of the checks that will be done are your criminal history, credit history and your employment previously.

There will be many questions in relation to usage of drugs. A polygraph test will also be done as well as a medical and fitness exam.  All these tests are done before you get invited in for an interview. The academy training is difficult for all those that have gone through it. You might excel at the academic training but find the physical fitness difficult or vice versa. You have to qualify when it comes to handling firearms, defensive tactics, first aid and driving. The police use of force training is even tougher because you will now have to put what you have learnt in the academy into real practice.

The field training is a way of transitioning from the academy life into the law enforcement career. During the field training, you will be watched carefully and at the same time evaluated if you will be a good police officer. The police officer training courses is a way of preparing you psychologically for things that you will see that you wish you did not have to. This is because in real life, you will have to respond to calls and most of which tend to be tragic. You need to learn how to deal with the victims of either the accidents or crimes committed.

Since police departments are operated 24/7, it means that officers are on-call all the time. You should be ready to work permanent shifts or rotating shifts. The job has the potential of fatiguing you because the hours are long and irregular. Therefore, it is important that you take extra care of yourself so that you do not get dangerous health problems or catch on bad habits. However, it is worth it to become a law enforcement office because you will be part in helping others and making the community a safer place. For more facts and information about Police Officer Training, you can go to


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